BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica driving down country roadThere are many variables to consider when deciding which Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is the best fit for you, such as interior space, ramp angle, foldout or infloor, and ground clearance. However, another variable that many customers must consider is summed up in the following question: Can I tow with this? Whether you’re confirming you can tow before you buy or want to check if your current vehicle has towing capabilities, you’re in the right spot.

Keep in mind, the below specifications are specific to BraunAbility conversions—towing capabilities for other conversion manufacturers may vary. Additionally, the vehicles trim level, weight, occupant/cargo configuration, and available payload capacity of the specific vehicle can impact the towing capabilities of your vehicle. Also keep in mind that this is a general guide—always verify your VIN number with a BraunAbility Dealer to confirm towing capabilities with your exact vehicle.

For any clarification on a BraunAbility WAV that you own or are interested in purchasing, reach out to us! An inquiry can be submitted here, or you can call our office at (703) 345-2990.

For information for non-BraunAbility conversions, we recommend you reach out to a NMEDA Dealer that sells that conversion for more information.

Chart displaying towing capabilities of various BraunAbility converted vehicles

Important Tips:

  • Always refer to the OEM manual for towing guidelines and precautions.
  • Ensure compliance with all weight limits before towing.
  • Aftermarket trailer tow packages are prohibited on all conversions. For those that can tow, an OEM package must be installed.
  • Be sure to call your BraunAbility dealer and verify with the VIN of the vehicle you plan on towing with prior to purchase or towing as vehicle options/configurations can change towing capabilities.

For information regarding other considerations prior to purchasing a WAV, check out our post here.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Specifications and capabilities may vary based on individual vehicle conversions. For specific questions about your vehicle or to ensure compatibility with your needs, please consult with a certified BraunAbility dealership. Conversion and OEM Specification information provided courtesy of BraunAbility.