We are certified in every product that we install to maintain our high standard of installation!

XL-Base: In one smooth, simple motion, the XL-BASE rotates and then gently lowers out of the vehicle. This cycle can be stopped at any time to allow transfer at desired height.

XL-Seat: Open your vehicle’s door and fold the XL-SEAT down. Once transferred onto the XL-SEAT, use the retractable support arm for safety and balance while it takes you up to the driver’s seat.

Link Seats: The LINK allows you to have your vehicle, your way. It installs without any structural modification, offering amazing legroom and comfort, it is the LINK between you and your vehicle.

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6 Way Seats: 6-Way Transfer Seat Base, Driver or Front Passenger position, Utilizes OEM Seat, OEM seat functions are maintained.

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Out-Rider: Sit near the truck cab, connect the Out-Rider to your mobility device, and press the button to lift and rotate your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck bed.

Stow-Away: The Stow-Away discreetly hides under the truck in a sealed, rugged drawer. Press a button, the drawer opens and seat stops at your ideal transfer height.

Curb-Sider: The Curb-Sider’s space-efficient design lets you keep third-row seating when a mobility device isn’t present in most vehicles.

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Twist: Power-assist or manual, motorcycle styled twist handle for throttle, push for brake.

Pull: Power-assist or manual, traditional push/pull handle for throttle, push for brake

Rock: Manual, vertical handle, rock back for throttle, push for brake

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Reduced Effort Steering: Standard factory power steering requires approximately 40 ounces of effort to operate. Drive-Master’s steering modifications can reduce the required effort to 20-24 ounces (low effort) or 6-8 ounces (no effort).

Backup Steering System: Emergency power assisted steering if factory power steering system fails.

Reduced Effort Braking: Standard factory power brakes require 20 ft lbs of pressure to operate. Low-effort modification reduces the required pressure to 11 ft lbs. The no effort modification reduces the required pressure to 7 ft lbs.

Backup Braking System: Provides emergency power assisted braking if power brake system fails due to engine failure or low vacuum.

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Space Drive II: Space Drive II allows people with low residual strength, minimum movement capabilities and even those without limbs to safely operate a vehicle. This system requires specialized training / adaptation, ask us for specific details.

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QRT Retractable Tie Downs: The QRT is a self-locking and self-tensioning retractable belt system.

Docking Systems QLK-150: QLK150 docking system and brackets are fully crash tested at 20g / 30 mph and are iQ Certified.

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Push-Rock: the push/rock hand control puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake.

Push-Right Angle: Unlike other Push Right/Angle controls, the Sure Grip Push Right/Angle’s body doesn’t pivot or move when the accelerator is applied. The pivot point for the control is on the left-hand side of the wheel, and only the handle pivots.

Push-Pull: The Push/Pull hand control uses the same movement to apply gas/brake as other Push/Pull controls; however the pivot point for the Sure Grip control is on the left-hand side of the wheel close to the handle, this allows for a shorter stroke and greater leverage.

Push-Twist: The Push/Twish control uses the same motorcycle style acceleration as other Push/Twist controls, but has an auxiliary handle that makes the twisting motion easier.

Featherlite Hand Controls: FeatherLite controls have an electrical interface instead of mechanical rod for your vehicles acceleration system. This interface removes resistance created by hard mounted accelerator rods and is available in all models of Sure Grip Hand Controls.

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Classic: A right hand floor mounted control, Push to brake, Turn the handle to accelerate, The unique accelerator motion allows the driver to adjust the seat close to the hand control without affecting operation.

Compact II: A right hand floor mounted control, Push to brake, Pull to accelerate, provides a slim design to fit better in today’s newer more compact vehicles, prevents simultaneous use of the gas and brake

MPD: Veigel / MPD offers a full line of Column mount hand controls including, Push/Rock, Push/Pull, Push/Right Angle as well as Electronic throttle options in the Detroit Line of Hand Controls

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