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Blink and You’d Miss Them! Installation Highlight: Sure Grip Featherlite Push/Rock with Brake Lock and A Spinner Knob

Our very own Julie Henry purchased a new 2023 Hyundai Tucson and got hand controls installed here at DRCE. Julie’s controls are a Sure Grip Featherlite right side push/rock with brake lock and a spinner knob.


Often, new clients worry that installing auto adaptive equipment into a vehicle will prevent traditional drivers from operating the vehicle and for that reason they hesitate to start the process of gaining independence through driving with auto adaptive equipment. However, most equipment doesn’t prevent traditional driving at all. Furthermore, as is the case with Julie’s vehicle and countless other DRCE installations, the controls don’t obscure OEM gas, brake and steering functions.

Driver’s side view.

Beneath the steering wheel.















Blink and you’d miss them!
Julie’s controls fit in her vehicle so seamlessly that, upon first glance, you hardly notice them

New clients also worry that auto adaptive equipment will alter the look of their vehicles. Julie’s installation is a perfect example of how seamlessly hand controls can fit in a vehicle with the right fit and team to install them.









Clients who have driven with auto adaptive equipment for a while, like Julie, often worry that their new vehicles won’t be compatible with the same controls that they are more comfortable with and enjoy using. However, even when some manufacturers don’t have an installation kit that’s compatible with a vehicle, DRCE is able to create custom fabrications that allow clients to keep using the equipment they love.



This installation was done with Julie’s specific needs in mind. In Julie’s case, she’s been driving with the Sure Grip Featherlite Push/Rock hand control, the one that she states she “immediately fell in love with,” since she first began driving in 2017. However, Sure Grip didn’t have brackets that were compatible for installing Julie’s favored control into her new 2023 Hyundai Tucson. DRCE’s solution to this was to fabricate custom brackets, ensuring that Julie got to keep the controls that best fit her needs.









All DRCE clients have unique wants and needs for their own equipment, and DRCE’s installation process reflects that. Whether you’re starting the process of getting equipment for the very first time, or if you’re already an equipment driver looking to get a new vehicle, contact us today to see how DRCE can help.